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Commemorative & Memorial Plaques

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We offer high class memorial and commemorative plaque engraving in London. These special plaques can be engraved, to display on a building of note, as a recognition of thanks for unstinting loyalty or services rendered and probably our most moving type of work; that of honouring the memory of a deeply loved relative or a special friend.

Engraving a brass or stainless steel or stone memorial plaque is the perfect tribute to place in a graveyard or memorial garden to mark a grave or the area where ashes were scattered. Another way to use an engraved metal commemorative plaque is to display it on a bench which is then donated to a beauty spot that the deceased person loved to spend time in or it could even be used at the base of a memorial tree planted in their memory. A tasteful plaque will blend in and be less conspicuous than a large formal memorial and yet convey the message you want the world to read.

Commemorative plaques for historical residences can add an air of distinction and quality while telling a story about the property’s past residents; whether famous or infamous. Our plaques come in all shapes and sizes and in almost any material you want, with any style of engraving. When choosing a plaque of this nature always bear in mind the age and style of the building to make sure it looks right when in situ. One of the best options for the house of a famous person is the easily recognised ‘Blue plaque’ which we are more than happy to supply and engrave.

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