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Desk & Door Plaques

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We design and provide desk and door plates in London which can be custom made for offices, hospitals and many different types of businesses. These interchangeable plates can be produced to your exact requirements, or supplied off the shelf, and are readily available in most materials, either engraved or printed.

A personalised engraved desk plate is the perfect addition to any commercial office desk since it portrays a professional appearance and defines the space as a work area. It serves a variety of functions; however its main purpose is to identify who is sitting at a particular desk and what role they perform. Desk name plates are used in a variety of situations including meetings, trade shows, training sessions and even in the classroom.

The desk plate can show as much or as little information as you require. Typically it can display a name, company title, company name, company logo, phone number, e-mail address, web site and even a background theme. You can have a custom designed desk plate made to match your personality, career and individual style, bearing in mind that such items as design, texture and plate type can all be changed.

Door plates are used to indicate an occupier’s name, the room function or room status, such as vacant or engaged. They are all stylishly crafted and have an attractive metal frame in either a gold or silver finish with an individual sliding engraved insert, which can be replaced easily when changes occur. To put these up, simply fix the outer track to your desired permanent surface, slide in the engraved insert and secure with the end stoppers.

Give your name the recognition it deserves and contact us at our engraving premises in London for more information on desk and door plates. Our team of expert craftsmen will efficiently answer any queries or questions we receive by telephone or email.

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