How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags

Learning to engrave plastic name tags is a relatively inexpensive way to practice your engraving skills, to create uniquely personal name tags for work, social clubs, schools, or simply for fun.  Engraving plastic name tags can be difficult but with practice, some excellent results can be achieved.  By selecting the right equipment and materials and… Continue reading How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags

How To Emboss Leather With Gold

There are some things that just go naturally together; salt with pepper, gin with tonic and leather with gold embossing.  Embossing leather with gold just looks right. It’s glamorous without being tacky. It’s luxurious without being pretentious.  Importance Of Embossing Your Leather Item Gold embossing is the perfect finishing touch to a leather item, whether… Continue reading How To Emboss Leather With Gold

How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Engraving is used for a huge variety of items and circumstances. From bespoke jewelry or other gifts to clothing, signage, promotional items, memorials, plaques and trophies, even the serial numbers on your car parts. The results of engraving are all around us yet rarely do we see engraving in action.  For many of us, the… Continue reading How Does Laser Engraving Work?