How To Clean Brass Without Brasso

Many of us are increasingly looking for low-cost and less toxic alternatives to shop-bought cleaning products including Brasso.  The warnings on the labels that include the words ‘toxic’ and ‘hazardous’ are very offputting.  But when it comes to cleaning Brass are there alternatives to the toxic and hazardous Brasso? The good news is that there… Continue reading How To Clean Brass Without Brasso

How to Etch Brass or Copper

Etching lettering or decorative patterns and pictures on brass or copper is a great way to personalise items, make the ordinary extraordinary or label anything from etching trophies, plaques and nameplates to bespoke gifts.  Metal etching is a relatively simple process if you have the right equipment, an artistic eye and a bit of patience… Continue reading How to Etch Brass or Copper

How To Cut Acrylic Perspex Sheets

A material suited to a huge range of uses, acrylic perspex has excellent clarity and is durable, weatherproof, and shatterproof. This makes it particularly suited to signage as well as lots of other applications around the home or workplace including splashbacks, table tops, shed windows, and storage and shelving.  However, the most common and economical… Continue reading How To Cut Acrylic Perspex Sheets

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Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

Some things are forever.  Most of the time, an engraving is a forever thing, a personalised gift to be treasured and maybe even handed down through generations.  Sometimes though, it’s not.  Perhaps a relationship has ended, maybe you bought an engraved item secondhand, or maybe, for whatever reason, the sentiment is not just quite right… Continue reading Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

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