Which Is The Best Name Plate Material? 

Which Is The Best Name Plate Material

Nameplates come in a huge variety of styles and materials. The best nameplate material for your needs will depend upon a few different factors including your industry, the purpose of the nameplate, and the environment it will be used in. 

This brief guide will help you decide on the best choice for your needs but let’s start from the beginning by asking what is a nameplate?

What Is A Name Plate?

A nameplate is a type of signage. Usually, as the name suggests, a nameplate has the name of a person, home or business but a nameplate is also sometimes used as a term for more general signage too. 

Nameplates are found in many places from office doors, desks and indoor walls to outside placements such as parking spaces, external walls and doors.  

Name Plate Materials

Acrylic Name Plates

Durable, weatherproof, easy to clean and ideal for a modern look. Acrylic nameplates are also versatile, as they can be cut into any number of shapes and come in various thicknesses. This transparent, hard plastic also takes the engraving process well. 

LED Name Plate

Adding lights either behind an acrylic nameplate, so the light shines through it, or having an LED light shining onto the nameplate from below, above or from the side of the nameplate is a useful addition to a nameplate that you want people to be able to see clearly at any time of day. These are not only useful for restaurants but also for homes that are notoriously difficult to find in the dark. 

Engraved Wooden Name Plate

A wooden nameplate has a timeless elegance and adds a touch of luxury or a rural feel. Many species of wood take engraving well and the choice of species will also determine the colour of your nameplate. Well-seasoned and treated wood will last well either indoors or outdoors. 

MDF Wood Laser Cut Name Plates

Cost-effective and versatile, MDF cut nameplates can really allow creativity to flow. Shapes, letters and numbers can easily be cut out and stuck on a backing sheet or directly onto a wall. For a quirky home or business, this could be the perfect solution. 

Stainless Steel Name Plates

For maximum durability, stainless steel is hard to beat. Weatherproof and easy to clean, it also takes a variety of methods of marking well such as engraving, stamping, and embossing. 

Aluminium Name Plate

Lightweight, easy to work with, versatile and durable aluminium is an excellent choice as a nameplate material. 

Brass Name Plate

For a touch of luxury and best used in an indoor setting, brass is a great executive look. 

Which Is The Best Name Plate Material?

As you can see from this guide, there are a variety of materials used for name plates and your choice will depend on the style you are looking for as well as your budget. 

However, for an all-round affordable, durable and versatile look that suits business and home equally well, aluminium and stainless steel are hard to beat. 

How To Get A Name Plate Made

You want your nameplate to last and be of excellent quality. At Furnells, we have been making nameplates for over 40 years. Why not get in touch with us and you can be added to our long list of happy customers.

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