7 Things To Know When Engraving A Tungsten Ring

tungsten ring

Tungsten rings are becoming a more popular choice over other traditional metals, especially when it comes to wedding bands because tungsten is known for being strong, durable and scratch-resistant.

Understandably, this means that more people want to know if they can get their tungsten ring engraved with personal messages or important dates, for example, their wedding date. But, if tungsten is that strong, can a tungsten ring be engraved at all?

1. Understanding Tungsten Rings

The metals tungsten and tungsten carbide are gaining popularity as a choice for rings, particularly among those who work with their hands or in demanding environments; those who work in the construction industry and mechanics, for example.

This is because of their durability; tungsten requires little in the way of maintenance, it is a hard metal and is unlikely to get damaged, misshapen or scratched – unlike silver or gold, for example, which are soft metals and prone to bending and scratching.

Tungsten is so strong, in fact, that tungsten rings are even stronger than titanium rings. Due to its incredible strength and scratch resistance, this often leads people to believe that it cannot be engraved.

2. Common Misconceptions

Due to its incredible strength and scratch resistance, this often leads people to believe that it cannot be engraved.

3. Engraving Techniques for Tungsten Rings

You can engrave both tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings. The engraving method that you have to use is laser engraving because traditional methods, such as hand engraving, won’t be able to effectively penetrate the metal surface for engraving.

4. Preparing Your Tungsten Ring for Engraving

To prepare your tungsten ring or tungsten wedding bands for laser engraving, there are a few steps you should follow:

Cleaning and polishing the ring surface

Before engraving tungsten rings, it is a good idea to clean them thoroughly with a mild detergent such as hand soap and warm water. Once your ring has come back from the engraving service, you can clean the engraved part in the same way but with a soft bristle toothbrush to get into the engraved area.

Marking the engraving area accurately

Accurately marking the engraving area on tungsten rings is crucial to ensure precision and quality in the engraving process, ultimately creating a flawless and personalised piece of jewellery. Proper marking helps engravers avoid mistakes and ensures that the design or message is placed exactly where intended on the durable tungsten surface.

Tips for ensuring a smooth engraving process

Tips for ensuring a smooth engraving process include using the right tools and techniques, preparing the surface properly to avoid imperfections, and practising on similar materials before starting the actual engraving. Attention to detail, patience, and skilful handling of the engraving tools are also essential for achieving professional results in engraving tungsten rings.

5. Finding an Experienced Engraver

Due to the hardness of tungsten and tungsten carbide, it is always recommended that you choose a professional laser engraver with an experienced laser engraving service rather than go to any local jeweller who might offer engraving.

6. Customisation Options for Tungsten Rings

Depending on the type of jewellery your tungsten ring is; whether it is for everyday wear, a wedding ring, or to commemorate a different special day, you might consider initials, monograms, dates or a personal message or inscription to be laser engraved onto your tungsten ring. You can also think about designs, styles and fonts to make your finished product, not just a limited edition, but truly one of a kind.

7. Maintenance & Care Tips for Engraved Tungsten Rings

The main thing to remember, about maintaining and caring for your tungsten engraved ring, is to keep it away from harsh chemicals. Instead, wash with a mild soap and warm water and clean the engraved area with a toothbrush or cotton bud.


We hope that this has put your mind at ease if you wanted to choose a tungsten ring but weren’t sure if any engraving process could cope with the hardness of this beautiful and durable metal.

Simply get in touch with us at Furnells and we will be happy to laser engrave your design or requested text onto your ring or other jewellery.

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