Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

The wedding ring; one of the most recognisable symbols of betrothal. It serves as a reminder of your love; the circle representing its everlasting nature but also as a reminder of your special wedding day.

To make your wedding and/or engagement ring truly unique and special you could join the many other couples who choose to get their wedding rings engraved with something meaningful to you both.

But what should you get? To help you decide what to engrave on your wedding band, we have put some wedding ring engraving ideas together in this article.

What Are Good Engraving Quotes?

Meaningful Phrases & Dates

A ring has limited space. For this reason as well as to honour the day you exchange your wedding bands your wedding date is a popular choice. Alternative ideas of a special date could include the day you met or your first date. This could also work with your engagement date if you choose to get your engagement rings engraved too.

You could also consider a phrase or a way you usually express your love for each other some examples include:

  • Love forever
  • Love conquers all.
  • Mon amour.
  • Joie sans fin.
  • Soul mate.
  • Only you.
  • I thee wed.
  • Other half.
  • Two souls entwined.
  • All my love.

Alternatively, both you and your spouse-to-be could choose a secret message for each other, only to be revealed when you exchange your rings.

Song Lyrics & Poems

Other popular choices for an engagement ring and wedding ring engravings are song lyrics and lines from poems that have a deep meaning for you as a couple.

Perhaps a line from the song that will be your first dance or something that you consider to be ‘your song’.

Some examples are:

  • ‘All that I am’ – Snow Patrol.
  • ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’ – Stevie Wonder.
  • ‘If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you’ – Led Zeppelin.
  • ‘Unforgettable’ – Nat King Cole.
  • ‘For the longest time’ – Billy Joel.
  • ‘How wonderful life is’ – Elton John.
  • ‘You’re still the one’ – Shania Twain.

Poems are often considered to be one of the most romantic forms of expressing love so consider lines from poetry too for romantic wedding ring engravings.

A few to inspire you could be:

  • ‘I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my life’ – Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • ‘Come live with me and be my love’ – John Donne.
  • ‘And we loved with a love that was more than love’ – Edgar Allen Poe.
  • ‘the marriage of true minds’ – William Shakespeare.

Inside Jokes & Nicknames

For some, the most unique and best wedding ring engraving ideas will be found in an inside joke or nickname that you share as a couple as part of your own love story. These could be so personal between you that your wedding band engraving remains a secret between you two.

Other funny wedding ring engravings could include:

  • Finders keepers.
  • The one ring.
  • Better half.

Cultural & Religious Engravings

Many popular wedding quotes come from religious verses including The Song of Solomon. This would be particularly apt as a laser engraving on your wedding and engagement rings if it is to be one of the readings on your special day.

Some lines from this bible verse that is short enough to be used for a ring engraving include:

  • ‘Set me as a seal upon your heart’.
  • ‘I have found the one my soul loves’.
  • ‘My beloved’.
  • ‘The winter in past, the rain is over’.

Another religious idea for what to engrave on wedding bands could be simply ‘God joined us’, ‘Lord watch over us’ or ‘May God unite us’.


We hope that this has given you some ideas to help make your engagement ring and/or wedding ring as unique as you. We’d love to help you ensure that your ring engraving is of the highest quality so think of us at Furnells when you have made your choices.

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