5 Amazing Ideas: What To Engrave On A Signet Ring

unusual signet ring engraving

Thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, but having a strong association with English heritage too, signet rings made of precious metals were historically used to both sign and seal documents with the engraved emblem, such as a family crest, being pressed into hot wax to create a wax impression.

From being regarded as a symbol of someone of high standing or importance to, in more modern times, a way to show your identity or sense of belonging to a group, particular family or way of life, engraved signet rings have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity after a dip in the early 2000s and are as popular now as they have ever been.

But what should a personalised signet ring engraving be? Well, in this guide, we have got 5 amazing ideas for you.

1. Classic Monograms

Typically, a signet ring with a monogram engraving features the full name initials or first letters arranged in a specific order: the left side displays the initials of the individual’s full name, while the middle showcases their first name initial in a larger font, followed by their last or family name. The right side then presents the initial of their middle name in a font size similar to that of the first initial. This design is most suitable for individuals with three initials in their name.

The traditional font or script for this classic monogram is the entwined palace script, but you could, of course, choose a style that suits your personality or is less traditional to make it a more personal design.

2. Family Crests and Heraldry

Another traditional and classic signet ring engraving is a family crest. However, these symbols of heraldry; a coat of arms or a crest, are not something that everyone has.

A family crest specifically refers to a family, not simply a surname. They must have been granted officially at some point and you must be the legitimate descendent.

The only way to confirm if you have the legal right to one is to check the official armoury records.

If you are lucky enough to have the right to use your family coat of arms, then this makes for a perfect signet ring laser or hand engraving.

3. Motivational Quotes and Mantras

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own family heraldry to use as an engraving to create a personalised signet ring. You can use your favourite motivational quotes or mantras so that your signet ring represents who you are, your beliefs, your unique story, and your battles in a personal motto or symbol.

A huge benefit of today’s digital age is that with laser engraving, you can use a smaller font than you could with traditional hand processes, even if you were using the most skilled craftsman. However, you still want to be able to read it, so bear that in mind.

4. Special Dates and Coordinates

To create a deeply personal signet ring, you could opt to turn memorable dates or coordinates of places of special significance into signet ring engravings.

This is an exceptional way if the signet ring is intended as a gift of delivering a private sentimental message – a birthday, a date you met, a wedding day, the place you met, where they were born or a place that holds a lot of significance.

These can all be ways of making a gift, or your own signet ring, have a deeper meaning.

5. Modern and Unique Designs

Signet rings don’t have to be laser engraved or hand engraved with traditional designs and styles. You can think of any number of ways to create personalised signet rings.

You might want to choose an abstract design, a distinct and recognisable image or one you have created yourself.

Your signet ring could have a central element or various elements, you could opt for a symbol representing your star sign or even opt for fingerprint engraving for something you know will be totally unique.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engraving

When it comes to engraving signet rings, the most important thing is that you like it and that it represents who you are. So, think about that rather than what you think you ‘should’ get engraved on your signet ring.

When you have chosen your design, after considering the various options we have suggested to help you decide, the next big thing to think about is where to get your signet ring engraved.

Will you choose hand engraving, which is the more expensive and time-consuming option that utilises the increasingly scarce abilities of skilled craftsmen and can add to the unique nature? Or, will you opt for laser engraving or machine engraving, which is the less traditional but more meticulous technique that has more scope for intricate and unique designs?


We hope this has given you some creative inspiration when it comes to engraving signet rings. Be sure to get in touch with our team at Furnell’s, the engraving specialists, when you have made your decision for an engraving service you can trust.

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