Cufflinks Engraving Ideas For Men To Stay In Style

man wearing cufflinks

Cufflinks, like watches, serve a purpose but can also add both polish and class when done right. Traditionally cufflinks are a must-have for special occasions like wedding day but are also a good way to demonstrate your attention to detail and sense of style at work, for interviews or a big date.

Off-the-shelf cufflinks will tick all those boxes, but for something that stands out, personalised cufflinks are even more sophisticated, adding extra elegance and class.

Why Engrave Cufflinks?

A pair of engraved cufflinks make a special gift in a variety of circumstances, from birthdays and anniversaries and as a customised gift on your big day from bride to groom or, if you are the groom, to your best man and groomsman.

They provide a wonderful opportunity to send a special message to a loved one or friend and to create a keepsake or even an heirloom for future generations.

What to Engrave on Cufflinks?

Personalising cufflinks with an engraving can make them cherished gifts, but what should you choose for the engraving?

Here are some ideas for you to think about.

Initials and Monograms

Initials and monograms are a classic and timeless choice for engraved cufflinks. The difference between initials and monograms is as follows; initials are the first letter of names written in the order of names given i.e first name, middle name, and last name whereas monograms feature the last name usually in a larger font in the middle with first letters of first and middle names to the left and the right of the last name. Of course, you could also opt for a single initial.

The styles or fonts chosen can be in a traditional curled script such as the ‘entwined palace script’ or you could choose something more modern, you could opt for a simple font but a more elaborate decorative border.

You could also consider using letters from other languages Chinese, Greek, Devanagari (Indian) or Arabic for example.

Significant Dates

If the cufflinks are for a wedding day, then engraved with a significant date on them could be the perfect choice. However, for another occasion, another special date might be more appropriate.

Symbols and Icons

If having cufflinks engraved for yourself or as engraved gifts a way to make it uniquely personalised might be to choose a symbol or icon that is meaningful to you or the recipient or your relationship story. Ideas include astrological signs, hearts, and a picture that represents a hobby or passion such as a bicycle, guitar or a Lego brick.

Nostalgic Locations or Memorable Places

Cufflinks are relatively small items, however, that doesn’t exclude memorable locations and places that mean something special. You can have the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the special place as your engraving for a personal touch that also acts as a private message or reminder between you – as it will not be immediately obvious to anyone what it represents.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engraving

  • Reflect on your style and personality or that of the recipient if it is a special gift.
  • Consider the occasion and outfit, what colour the suit is, for example, and is a modern or classic style. If they are for a wedding day – does the engraving need to match the engraving on the wedding rings?
  • Think about the metal the cufflinks are made from; silver, sterling silver, tungsten, or gold are different which will affect the engraving’s durability.
  • Keep it subtle yet meaningful.
  • Think about presentation if it is a gift; a beautiful or even personalised cufflink box or boxes for gifts is a good idea to keep the cufflinks safe as well as present them beautifully.
  • Ensure the quality and legibility of engraving is excellent. Always use the services of an experienced and professional engraver whether you are opting for hand engraving or laser engraving.


Cufflinks have been a symbol of style in men’s fashion since the 1700s, and engraving a pair either as a gift to yourself to commemorate a special moment or turning point in your life or to give to someone special creates a personalised gift to be cherished.

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