How to Etch Brass or Copper

Etching lettering or decorative patterns and pictures on brass or copper is a great way to personalise items, make the ordinary extraordinary or label anything from etching trophies, plaques and nameplates to bespoke gifts.  Metal etching is a relatively simple process if you have the right equipment, an artistic eye and a bit of patience… Continue reading How to Etch Brass or Copper

Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

Some things are forever.  Most of the time, an engraving is a forever thing, a personalised gift to be treasured and maybe even handed down through generations.  Sometimes though, it’s not.  Perhaps a relationship has ended, maybe you bought an engraved item secondhand, or maybe, for whatever reason, the sentiment is not just quite right… Continue reading Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

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How To Engrave A Watch

Why is it that although now we all carry a phone with us at all times, which can provide us with the correct time, so many of us still choose to wear a watch?   It is because a watch is more than just a timepiece.  For some, it is an heirloom handed down through generations… Continue reading How To Engrave A Watch

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Unique AirPod Engraving Ideas

Special gifts to mark important and memorable occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or graduations don’t always have to be jewellery, watches and other traditional pieces. More modern ideas which are almost guaranteed to be well received are tech and gadgets such as AirPods.  However, people often want to mark such an occasion by engraving a… Continue reading Unique AirPod Engraving Ideas

How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags

Learning to engrave plastic name tags is a relatively inexpensive way to practice your engraving skills, to create uniquely personal name tags for work, social clubs, schools, or simply for fun.  Engraving plastic name tags can be difficult but with practice, some excellent results can be achieved.  By selecting the right equipment and materials and… Continue reading How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags