20 Wording & Phrase Ideas For Trophy Engraving

20 Wording & Phrase Ideas For Trophy Engraving

Why do we give out trophies?

We give them because they are a perfect way to show recognition and appreciation for someone. So, why not make sure that comes across by choosing your logo and trophy wording carefully, making it unique and personal and turning a special award into the perfect award?

In this article, we’ve provided you with 20 ideas for what to put on a trophy engraving that will make the recipient feel valued, proud and like a real winner.

Personalised Achievements

The more personal you can make the engraving, the more it will be valued and appreciated by the recipient.

If the trophy or trophies are for a sports club or team that maybe had a brilliant or terrible season – if it’s a ‘participation’ trophy then how about ‘For your dedication to the team through good times and bad’.

If it’s for a goalkeeper, how about injecting some fun ‘Congratulations on making more saves than Superman’?

If it is for an employee who has brought in more new customers than the rest of the team or made more sales, then tell them so ‘[company name or organization] thanks [their name] for being the top seller of [insert year]’

Or, if it is an award to celebrate a number of years of service someone has given to a company, organisation or another workplace, for example, how about ‘This award is presented to [insert name and job title] for their commitment and dedication over [insert number of years] service’.

Inspirational Quotes

There are no hard and fast rules about engraving trophies and awards either. An inspirational quote plaque can be a wonderful way to express gratitude and show respect.

Here are some examples:

  • ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’ – for an employee or team award for getting through a particularly hard time, season or project.
  • ‘Quality is not an act, it’s a habit’ – for a person or team who has put in consistent hard work.
  • ‘It always seems impossible, until it’s done’ – for a particularly hard project or specific achievement.
  • ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ – on an award for outstanding teamwork.

Memorable Dates

There are numerous awards and occasions when including a date on an award presentation is appropriate.

Some of the categories for these include long service or lifetime awards, competitions such as sports competitions that were held on a particular day or over a season, or to commemorate a generous donation or gift.

Customised Messages

Creating a customised message can help to create the perfect award for an individual or a team who has really gone above and beyond in their job, for someone worthy of a special award, or a recipient who has achieved excellence or great success, demonstrated outstanding leadership or shown an impressive level of responsibility.

These examples of engraving should include specific details including name, date, occasion or event and something that will mean something to the recipient; something heartfelt that shows how much they matter, and how they have made a difference to the world.

Ideas in this vein include:

  • For always going above and beyond this long service award is presented to [insert name] on [insert date].
  • Awarded to [insert name] for exceptional service, dedication and leadership.
  • Some stars shine more brightly than others. Thank you for sharing your light with us at [insert company name] for [however many years].
  • Thank you for your significant contributions to [insert company or organisation] from [insert dates].
  • Success is its own reward, but we wanted you to have this too. [Insert name, date and specific achievement].

Acknowledging Team Efforts

Finally, here is some inspiration for trophy engraving 5 phrases that commend teamwork and collective achievements.

  • [insert names of all team members] ‘The Dream Team’ [insert date].
  • ‘If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself’ Team Award [insert team name or department and date].
  • ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships’ [insert date and name of championship].
  • Employees of the [month/year insert date and team/department name or individual names].


At Furnells, we see many trophy engraving requests and always shows when someone has put real thought and time into choosing what to write. We hope that this article has provided you with some helpful food for thought for when you are next planning on rewarding your team, department, or whoever else you want to show your appreciation for and formally recognise.

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