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Door Plaques & House Number Signs

At Furnells we design and engrave desk and door plates in London and beyond. Across the last four decades we have created bespoke designs for offices, hospitals and many other industries. Interchangeable plates are produced to specific requirements. Alternatively we can supply ‘off the shelf’ desk and door plaques, readily available in most materials. When contacting us please advise if you prefer printed or engraved plaques.

Desk Plaques

A personalised engraved desk plate is ideal in every commercial setting. Professional and classy, desk plaques come with an air of professionalism whilst adding to the positive reputation of a company. This efficient addition can be used for a multitude of purposes. Identify the face and role of a person behind the desk, use for meeting rooms, trade shows, training sessions and even in the classroom. Ask us about our range of nameplate services today.

Your desk plaque will have as much or as little information as required. Typically you’ll find a name and company title. This minimalistic approach works perfectly. Alternatively and inline with branding, many companies request their name, logo and contact details in addition. Background themes are no problem and with numerous textures and plate types available we have the ability to suit all.

Door Name Plaques & House Number Signs

Ideal for identifying the occupier, door plaques also increase professionalism. In addition, room status can be highlighted as ‘vacant’ or ‘engaged’, creating a transparent working environment for all. Stylishly crafted and professionally engraved, door plaques include an attractive metal frame with a gold or silver finish. Inserts are easy to replace as and when required.

Highlight your name and feature your company with desk and door plaques. Based in London, Furnells have worked with customers across the local area and UK wide for over forty years. As specialist engravers we have the experience and the knowledge to know what works.