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Leather Embossing In London

Here at Furnells we provide a quality embossing service in London and across the UK. Our service is straightforward. Simply send in your item or bring it directly to us. With over forty years of experience in embossing and engraving we recommend you get in touch today.

What Can Be Embossed?

Perhaps most prominently we get asked to emboss leather, frequently, and there are two ways of doing this. An embossed pattern will be slightly raised upon the actual background. In contrast, debossing sees designs sunken into the material. This is something we will discuss with you in the first instance. Additional materials perfect for embossing include paper, metal, fabric and wood.

Commercial Embossing

Our embossing services are perfect for the corporate industry. We can apply a message, your logo, crest, name or initials onto everyday items. Embossed notebooks and diaries make perfect gifts for employees and clients. This is also a wonderful option for business cards, making your company stand out.

How Does Embossing Work?

We will determine both the nature of the material and complexity of design before deciding how to proceed. Options include gold, silver, transparent in-filled stamping, blind and hot-foil embossing. This aesthetically pleasing method changes the look of any material, bringing it to life.

Embossing For Gifts

Show how much you care by choosing to emboss a gift. Leather wallets look fantastic embossed, adding a little extra luxury for good measure. If you or someone you know is a frequent traveller, embossed luggage tags will certainly make sure your bags stand out. If you have an idea for the perfect gift or would like to discuss embossing corporate items, speak to the professionals at Furnells today. Additional corporate branding options are available.