How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags

How To Engrave Plastic Name Tags

Learning to engrave plastic name tags is a relatively inexpensive way to practice your engraving skills, to create uniquely personal name tags for work, social clubs, schools, or simply for fun. 

Engraving plastic name tags can be difficult but with practice, some excellent results can be achieved. 

By selecting the right equipment and materials and following this step by step process your name tags will soon be looking fantastic. 

Equipment and Materials Needed

Not all plastics are suitable for engraving so it is always best to buy specific engravable plastic name tags from your local or online hobby retailer. 

Using a hand engraving tool such as a Dremel is what most hobbyist engravers use. They are easy to use and relatively cheap to buy. 

Be sure to prepare your workspace by laying down a protective covering as your tool will be melting plastic as part of the engraving process and those little bits can be hard to clean up or can even stick onto your surface if they are still hot enough. 

Unless you have a very steady hand you will want to use a stencil or template for your design whether it is an image or text or a mixture of the two. Ensure your stencil is made from a durable material like wood. Start with simple designs, you can move on to more complicated or intricate styles and patterns once you’ve had some practice.

Process of Engraving Plastic Name Tags

  • Begin by gathering the equipment you need.
  • Open a window or otherwise ensure you have adequate ventilation.
  • Tape down or use a vice to secure the name tag you are going to engrave.
  • Secure the stencil you are using in place on the name tag. 
  • Use the hand tool as per the instructions. 
  • You may need to periodically stop the tool and engraving in order to clear away the removed plastic so that you can see what you are doing. 
  • Don’t worry if your first few attempts go awry. Plastic is a notoriously difficult medium to work with especially as the little bits can get in the way. 
  • Keep practising and don’t be disheartened engraving is a skill that takes time to master.. 

Uses For Plastic Name Tags 

Great uses for personalised and engraved plastic name tags can include:

  • For teachers, make your own name tags that your students will love. Alternatively, create them for your class monitors or as a reusable alternative to reward stickers. 
  • Social clubs and societies, create unique name tags complete with your club logo or a symbol that represents what your club does. 
  • Shop owners, making personalised name tags for staff will make them feel special and adds great novelty value to your shop. 

If you love the idea of having personalised engraved plastic name tags, or indeed name tags made of another material, but aren’t sure you want to go to the effort of engraving them yourself then just get in touch with us at Furnells the engraving specialists and we will create your designs for you.

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