Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

Removing Laser Engraving From Metal

Some things are forever. 

Most of the time, an engraving is a forever thing, a personalised gift to be treasured and maybe even handed down through generations. 

Sometimes though, it’s not. 

Perhaps a relationship has ended, maybe you bought an engraved item secondhand, or maybe, for whatever reason, the sentiment is not just quite right anymore. You may have been honing your own engraving skills but didn’t get this piece as you wanted it. A loved one could have even spelt a name wrong. Believe it or not yes, we’ve seen it happen!

The trouble is, the engraved item in question could be valuable, certainly more valuable than a padlock. 

In short, you need to get an engraving on stainless steel or another metal removed. So, is it possible? 

You’ll be relieved to know that yes it is possible to remove laser engraving from stainless steel and other metals including gold, platinum, sterling silver and softer metals such as nickel, brass, copper and aluminium.  

Removing an Engraving 

Removing laser engraving from metal is possible. In some cases, you can remove the engraving or etching on stainless steel as well as other metals yourself. 

For other, more precious metals and precious or valuable items, it is recommended that you get the engraving removed professionally.  

For gold and silver plated metals, it is unlikely you will be able to remove the engraving without having the item replated. 

Items you will need 

If you are going ahead with the engraving removal yourself you will need the following items:

  • Warm soapy water.
  • Lint-free cloth. 
  • Safety goggles.
  • Dust mask.
  • Masking tape.
  • Sandpaper; for wet and dry use and of various coarseness or grit (from 220-1200).
  • Metal file. 

Steps for Removing an Engraving 

Clean the engraved Item

Use warm soapy water and then buff dry with a lint-free cloth. 

Protect the areas that are not engraved

Cover the non-engraved metal with masking tape. 

Safety precautions

Wear safety goggles and a dusk mask. This is to prevent metal filings from getting in your eyes, airways and lungs. 

Remove the engraving

Beginning with the finest sandpaper start to buff the engraved area, stopping to wash and buff dry at regular intervals and increasing the grit until the engraving is gone. 

If even the most coarse grit sandpaper is not removing the engraving, use a metal file. Place the file flat against the engraving and move it forward in a steady, slow movement. Don’t rub back and forth with the file as that is likely to damage your object. 

Engraving Removal Complete

Hopefully, you have either followed the steps above or sent your item to professionals, like us at Furnells, for the engraving or etching to be removed and now your item is as good as new. 

That means that you are either ready to sell or reuse your item or that you would now like it re-engraved to turn it into something personal and special for yourself or a loved one. If it’s the former we wish you the best of luck with it and if it’s the latter we’d be happy to help you just get in touch with us and our fast and expert engraving service will ensure your engraving is perfect for you.

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