How To Engrave A Watch

How To Engrave A Watch

Why is it that although now we all carry a phone with us at all times, which can provide us with the correct time, so many of us still choose to wear a watch?  

It is because a watch is more than just a timepiece. 

For some, it is an heirloom handed down through generations and something to pass on when your time comes. For others, a watch is a priceless gift given to mark a special occasion; a birthday, graduation, promotion, wedding or anniversary or perhaps to mark the birth of a child. 

For other people, a watch is a status symbol, or a sign of success hard-earned, a reminder of how far you’ve come. Like a special piece of jewellery that also has the benefit of serving a useful purpose. 

Still, other watch owners wear their timepieces with pride as a symbol or declaration of love when it has been given as a special gift from a special person or people. 

A personalised watch, which is most usually an engraved watch adds another dimension of sentimentality to a timepiece. Whether it is an engraved watch for him or an engraved watch for her engraved watches are a unique gift that mean so much more. 

Why should you engrave your watch? 

Engraving your watch can be a powerful reminder of something or someone that means a lot to you. Something as simple as a loved one or your family’s initials can make you feel close to them even when you are far away. 

A date that you achieved something or celebrated something special could be another one of those reminders. A date a child was born, a wedding date, or even the date that you lost someone you love who inspired you can all be incentives to be the best you can be or make it through a tough day. 

How long does it take to engrave your watch? 

The time it takes to engrave any item including watches depends on the item itself and on the amount of engraving that is required.

Generally speaking, most engraving that can be done using laser engraving have a fast turnaround but if you need an item for a particular occasion or by a certain date it is best to contact us to check that we can work within the timeframe that you need. 

What to keep in mind when engraving your watch 

When engraving your watch or engraving a watch as a personalised gift it is important to consider a few key things.

If you are considering getting someone’s existing watch engraved as a surprise, we would advise you to reconsider, especially if the watch already has sentimental value, is of considerable monetary value or they might wish to re-sell it at some point. 

Some watches straps or links can be easily replaced which offers an alternative to engraving the back of the watch and will still enable a resale later on if this may be an issue. 

Valuation of the watch after engraving

When it comes to sentimental value, having a watch engraved makes it priceless.  However, engraving a watch can have a detrimental effect on its monetary value should you, or the owner, if you get a watch engraved as a gift, choose to sell it.

For insurance purposes, the value of a watch would generally be determined by its resale value. So, if an engraved watch – priceless in terms of its irreplaceability – were to be stolen although you would get some recompense it would likely not match its value to you at a personal level. 

10 ideas on what to engrave on your watch 

  • Significant names or birth dates; of children or other significant people in your life.
  • Time-related quotes or sayings:
    • ‘We have all the time in the world’ Louis Armstrong.
    • ‘The two most powerful warriors are patience and time’ Leo Tolstoy. 
    • Time waits for no man.
    • Time is the most valuable thing you can spend.
    • Every second counts.
  • An inspiring saying or slogan such as:
    • Who dares wins
    • Dream Big.
  • Romantic quotes or sayings:
    • Happily ever after.
    • I love you more every second of every day.

How to get a watch engraved

First, you need to decide what you want to have engraved on your watch whether it is for yourself or as a personalised gift for a special person in your life. Perhaps as a graduation present or retirement gift, or to mark another special occasion such as a wedding, engagement, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th or any other milestone birthday gift. 

Second, choose and order the watch that is to be engraved. 
Thirdly, arrange to have your watch engraved with an expert watch engraving service.

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