Unique AirPod Engraving Ideas

Unique AirPod Engraving Ideas

Special gifts to mark important and memorable occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays or graduations don’t always have to be jewellery, watches and other traditional pieces.

More modern ideas which are almost guaranteed to be well received are tech and gadgets such as AirPods. 

However, people often want to mark such an occasion by engraving a personalised message on a gift to make it more special. 

At Furnells we have the perfect solution; AirPods engraving and protective case engraving!

The following article explains why this is such a great idea, what you have to bear in mind and some inspiring ideas for AirPods engraving to think about. 

Why Should You Engrave Airpods?

Gadgets and tech items although expensive and likely to be received with joy can sometimes be missing that personal touch that more traditional gifts like jewellery have. 

For a special birthday or anniversary bespoke gifts are a wonderful idea but these days we are all becoming more conscious of not giving gifts that won’t be useful, that won’t just sit in a box or gather dust on a shelf. 

Engraving AirPods or a protective case blends useful with special to create a much loved and appreciated gift. A bonus with engraving Airpods is to make sure you can always tell whose is whose in a home wIth multiple sets. It also makes it less likely that they will be stolen as they are more easily identifiable and harder for thieves to sell.  

Can Engraved AirPods Be Returned? 

Unless you use Apple’s Airpod engraving service before purchase your warranty is likely to be invalidated by the engraving process. 

However, to avoid any problems the protective case can be engraved without the risk of invalidating the warranty of the AirPods themselves. 

To get specific information about the AirPods warranty and returns service it is best to contact Apple. 

Limitations of Engraving Airpods

As Airpods including AirPods Pro and Airpods Max are small there will be a character limit as there simply isn’t room for much text. Even on the protective case, there is not room for many words – in this case, less is more!

Therefore it is a good idea to think carefully about what you want to say while ensuring brevity. 

The Best AirPods Engraving Ideas


Happy 18th/21st

Best Son/Daughter

Dream Big

Love Always

Shine On

Life Begins at 40

Follow Your Dreams

World’s Best Son/Daughter


You’re Simply the Best

Partners in Crime

Love Me Do

Best Wife/Husband

For the Wife/Husband Who Never Listens

My Soul Mate

You are my World

My first, my last, my everything

Love is all you Need


Well Done Son/daughter/name

Future President


You Did It!

Reach For the Stars

What To Do Next

Once you have decided on whether to engrave to AirPods themselves or to play it safe and get the protective case engraved you can then make your purchase and while you are waiting for them to arrive take the time to choose what you are going to get engraved. You can use the ideas we have provided or use them as inspiration to get you thinking. 
We look forward to helping you create the perfect AirPod gift at Furnells, so once you have decided, contact us to arrange your personalised engraving.

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