Why Corporate Gifting Is Important For Your Company

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important For Your Company

Sending corporate gifts around the holidays strengthens existing relationships. It builds new connections and fosters mutual respect between the gift-giver and receiver.

Gifts do not need to be grand or expensive, and they don’t even need to come in physical form. You can expect to see a high return on investment for the amount of effort you put into sending gifts.

‘Tis the season of gifting, but there is no need to stress about adding another task to your year-end to-do list. Read on to learn why corporate gifting is important and how to master the skills behind gift-giving (and receiving).

Improve Branding Through Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting does not only benefit the gift receivers. All corporate gifts for clients are golden marketing opportunities. Positive interactions with your brand encourage trust and loyalty, which benefits your business over time.

A corporate gift should not feel like a marketing opportunity to the gift-receiver. Instead, increased authenticity through personalisation makes the greatest impact. Include a tailored message, or better yet, personalise a gift by having an item engraved.

The recipient will be touched by your thoughtfulness and impressed by the time and care you took with the gift.

Why Corporate Gifting Is Important

Client, colleagues, and employees should all be considered in your gifting plans. When people feel appreciated, their sense of value and connection increases. In turn, their contributions and commitments deepen.

If you’re stumping for ideas, this article from Entrepreneur offers 11 professionally appropriate gift ideas.

Corporate gifts for employees also improve employee engagement and reduce staff turnover rates. The gifting process offers a convenient way to ensure your client records are up to date.

Increasingly, mass mailings from Marketing Teams are being replaced. Companies prefer to send more thoughtful and creative gifts organised by the HR Team. Personalised corporate gift ideas see the greatest return on investment.

Gifts Of All Shapes And Sizes

The traditional corporate gift is a physical gift that includes branded swag and non-branded items. Check out Time Magazine’s 2020 Gift Guide for helpful and appropriate recommendations. Easy and practical gift ideas include gift cards and office supplies.

An employee party or event, possibly with the opportunity to include families, is another popular idea. Cash is one of the few unacceptable corporate gifts. Professional judgment should ensure that gifts are respectful and appropriate (no gag gifts).

Plan As Best You Can For The Hectic Holidays

A thorough plan includes time for any sort of unexpected delays, so start planning early. Don’t let bad weather or early travel plans ruin your corporate gifting. Remember to expect the unexpected like a change of address or staff turnover on a client’s team.

Have you ever received a wonderful corporate gift? Please share your thoughts about why corporate gifting is important in the comments below.

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Give a great gift and leave people with an enduring positive impression of your company!